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Longsheng Advantage

Comprehensive strength innovation ability
Guarantee of quality

Have more than 3000 square meters factory, We have a group of technicians who are suitable for market competition and have the comprehensive ability to develop new products.
Complete and strict production process, so that the pass rate is maintained at more than 99%, and later more than a dozen high frequency, high voltage and other tests, to ensure that 2 times longer service life.
The company is committed to brand building, focusing on high quality positioning. Have CCC authentication

High standard technology, resistance to shock resistance, good sound environment

The product is rich, professional manufacturing professional speakers, professional amplifier (especially switching power amplifier) and peripherals. Small volume, light weight, powerful power,Amazing
Low heat energy output, high stable switching amplifier, created the history of Chinese amplifier to dare to compete with the world brand products: professional switching power amplifier, whether it is the circuit technology, components are the best traditional amplifier at home.

Reasonable pricing,Give the customer the
maximum profit margin.

The price sales of the factory can be positioned flexibly by the customer according to the local market environment and the consumption level. The factory can provide the market report of each district, assist the customer to make a reasonable price, and realize the win-win between the customers and the direct users.

Complete pre sale and after-sale service
Let you be more assured

Provide system operation after sale,
Maintenance and related technical training services ,
Reducing the management cost and maintenance cost of Party A;
Factory audio products provide one year warranty, life-long maintenance.

Qualification certificate

About Us

About us

En`ping Long Sheng Electronic Sound Equipment Co. Ltd, established in 2003, is located in the Pear River Delta. It is an enterprise that integrated with research ,development, production, sales and engineering services of the sound equipment, especially the production and sales of professional loudspeaker box, amplifiers and audio products, as the development environment.

Is a small sound box more beautiful than a large sound box?

The small sound box has the characteristics that the large sound box does not have.

What are the categories of the sound box?

According to the same structure and form, the common speakers can be classified as follows:

What is a loudspeaker?

any speaker that can convert electrical energy into sound energy is usually called loudspeaker.

Is a small sound box more beautiful than a large sound box?

Is a small sound box more beautiful than a large sound box?

What are the categories of the sound box?

What are the categories of the sound box?

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